The first Hooked on Driving event of the year
and my first ever was super awesome. Two
days at Watkins Glen. I got so much more
comfortable with my car and its limits (which I
don't think I got anywhere close to) and I can't
wait to go back.

I took a ton of video, but am not finished
editing it yet, so hang on for that.

I also have since picked up Harry's Lap Timer
in the Google Play store, and an OBD Link MX
scan tool from Amazon. Harry's will link with
the scan tool and grab all the information from
my car's ECU for true datalogging. I definitely
plan to put this to good use.

I'm heading to Pocono Raceway on the 21st of
May and plan to take tons more data.

I've also scored a set of Hoosier R7 racing
slicks and will be taking delivery of a full
exhaust system from Belanger. I plan a full
performance test of that exhaust with a video
review published later this year, so stay tuned
for that.

Some other events I have still to plan:

West Virginia Cruise (TBD. Maybe June or
Williamsport Cruise (September),
Factory Tour (if FCA is even bothering
A few more things I can't remember right now.

Bryan Savage
ay 2nd, 2017
You're welcome to any events on the calendar, but it would be better
if you bought or owned a Viper and then joined the VOA and picked
the PA/WV region as your home base. That way, we get some money
and can use that money to do nice things for the club at these events!

Click to Join the VOA
Welcome to the home of the Pennsylvania & West Virginia Viper Club!
Officially a regional branch of the Viper Owner's Association, this club
welcomes everyone who owns a Dodge Viper anywhere in the country.
Everybody is welcome to any event, regardless of what you drive, but
don't forget this is a club for Viper owners. There's going to be some
cruises where only Vipers are allowed to join. Check this Google Earth
photo to the right of where our club members are.
Here's the list of upcoming events, since I still haven't found a calendar plug-in for this browser
editor. More writeups and reviews coming soon!!


Hooked On Driving, Pocono Speedway, Pennsylvania, May 21st. Here's the second event of
the year. come on out!!


Snakes on the Mountain, 6300 Robin Lane, Coopersburg, PA, June 24th. Getting together with
some high-performance Fords and Ferraris to have breakfast, a cruise, a show, and then head
to lunch. The event starts at 10:00 am!


The Great American Foodtruck Festival, Howard County Fairground, Maryland, July 1st. I went
to this in 2016 and it was a cool place to hang out. The organiser invited me and the club back,
and she plans to make the venue way more accommodating for the cars. It should be a good

Hooked On Driving, Pocono Speedway, Pennsylvania, July 9th. This is the second Pocono
event of the season. Be sure to come on out!!

Carlisle Chrysler Nationals, Carlisle Fairgrounds, Pennsylvania, July 14th through July 16th.
This is the largest event of the year, and there's big plans for this year. There's going to be
food, drinks, and a big tent for the cars. I'm also going to camp there the whole weekend, so
come hang out with me!!

Sports Car Driving Association track day at Watkins Glen, July 17th & 18th. Let's go racing!!


Niagara Falls cruise with the Ontario VOA, September 16th & 17th. More details to come, but
this should be pretty awesome.

Greenbrier Concours, September 21-24. There's going to be a Viper exhibit at this Concours in
West Virginia, so keep your eyes peeled for some amazing cars.


Slither on 6, Cruise from East to West across PA on US 6, to meet up with the Western
Reserve branch of the VOA. This cruise is going to be awesome!!

Hooked On Driving, Watkins Glen International, New York, October 13th through 15th. The last
HOD event of the year is a multi-day event, and hopefully the weather holds out!!
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