You're welcome to any events on the calendar, but it would
be better if you bought or owned a Viper and then joined the
VOA and picked the PA/WV region as your home base. That
way, we get some money and can use that money to do nice
things for the club at these events!

Click to Join the VOA
Welcome to the home of the Pennsylvania & West Virginia
Viper Club! Officially a regional branch of the Viper Owner's
Association, this club welcomes everyone who owns a Dodge
Viper anywhere in the country. Everybody is welcome to any
event, regardless of what you drive, but don't forget this is a
club for Viper owners. There's going to be some cruises
where only Vipers are allowed to join. Check this Google
Earth photo to the right to see the cities where our club
members are.

It's a really wide-spread bunch, so we're always looking for
stuff to do. If you've got neat things in your area, let us know
and we can set something up!
Welcome to 2018!!!

Here's the calendar of events for the region (and stuff I might want to do,
but haven't committed to yet.)

January 20th, 4pm - 8pm Dinner at Braveheart Highland Pub & Restaurant,
Hellertown, PA.

January 27th, 12pm - 3pm Lunch at The Church Brew Works, Pittsburgh, PA.

April 16th & 17th, Hooked on Driving at Watkins Glen.

April 30th & May 1st, SCDA at Watkins Glen.

May 1st - May 5th, National Viper Event 3, Las Vegas, NV.

May 20th, Hooked on Driving at Pocono Raceway.

June Something, Snakes on the Mountain, Location TBD.

July 7th & 8th, Hooked on Driving at Pocono Raceway.

July 13th - July 15th, Carlisle Chrysler Nationals, Carlisle Fairgrounds, PA

July 16th & 17th, SCDA at Watkins Glen

July 21st, Delaware River Ramble

September Something, Williamsport Area Cruise, Locaton TBD

October 12th - October 14th, Hooked on Driving at Watkins Glen
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Vipers in the Media

Above: The Braveheart had Haggis balls on the menu, so Mark
just had to order them. I expected them to be awful, but it just
tasted like doughy hush puppies.

Left: I'm not very good at setting up group photos, so I grabbed a
couple when I could.
Here's a couple photos from the Church Brew
Works in Pittsburgh. Everyone else was busy, so
only Tom and Michalene were available. We'll
catch everyone else next time!!